Upcoming Meetups

An update about the absence of meetups and plans for the near future.

Upcoming Meetups

In the face of the current Covid-19 crisis we have been suspending planned meetups for the last few months. This is because our meetups are heavy with hands-on content and we feel this is less suited for digital meetups since we like the ad-hoc interactions our codefests give us.

Therefore we have been testing a more demo-heavy format with a short introductionary presentation. We found this keeps up the interest levels and promotes interaction. Because of these successfull trials we would like to start planning some digital meetings again soon, so be sure to keep a lookout here as well as meetup.com/terra10.

And as a teaser, the upcoming meetups will probably feature Node-RED as well as meetup revolving around Deno.

We hope to speak to you soon!